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We are excited that you’ve decided to visit us!

Let me introduce and tell you who we are. We are a huge Dog lovers and exist solely because we love animals. We exist thanks to you, the people who support our work and keep coming back for some fresh information! Our goal is to filter and provide you with the best content out there so you don’t have to do the hard work. It takes us many hours to research and write posts.

Sometimes we go through all the customer reviews on top web sites, manufacturer information and other resources just to find the best content and deliver it right in front of you. If you look closely, you will notice that we never pick the most expensive products as our Best choice for you. We are dog lovers and have no interest in seeing people waste their money.

Here at the Labrador Stuff, we are committed to doing our best to always provide relevant, useful content backed up by our years of education and experience. The information is free and always will be.

Why do we include link to Amazon?

Since we are giving out the information for free, we need to make a living somehow. Amazon pay us a little commission on every product that you buy from our links. It is not much, and it doesn’t hurt your wallet, at all. This is how we support the site, and it’s our primary source of income. So if you would like to support the site, please follow those links. We are open about it.

We do not get any kind of payments from dog product manufacturers, that way ensuring that we provide you with the most honest opinion.

In short, the more love we get from our readers, the more products we’ll be able to cover. Either way, remember to read our full disclosure about commissions, potential biases and compensation so that it’s all fair and square.

If you have any more questions about us, do not hesitate to Contact us.


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