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Puppy Training Information

Puppy Training Basics Part 1

Puppy Training – It is About You and Your Puppy Getting a new puppy is a fun and interesting time. You probably went to a breeder or pet store or maybe just saw an ad on the Internet or the newspaper, for puppies, and decided just to check it out. Before you knew it those Read More

Commands For Dog Obedience

Basic Commands For Dog Obedience

Are you bored with your dog who knows only three commands? Don’t fret, my friend! You could probably use a little jazz. Specific command words are not that difficult and important. The thing here should be the consistency of its usage. My friend, Wiki, here can give you a bit of a blast. Some of Read More

Possessiveness With Food

Dog Training – How to Stop Possessiveness With Food

Dog Training – Possessiveness With Food Though I sometimes would like to believe otherwise, food is a dog’s first priority, no matter how much he likes you, so the first step to successful training is to establish yourself as the leader. One of the options to do it is by showing him that he can Read More

3 Easy to Teach Dog Tricks

3 Easy to Teach Dog Tricks

To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you need to have some kind of a treats for the reward, be in a quiet suitable place and keep the training sessions to 15 – 20 minutes or your dog will start to get bored. Remember, when he gets something right lots of praise and a Read More

Training Your Dog To Sit Like You

Training Your Dog To Sit

The trick of “sitting up” is easily taught to small dogs, but should try not be included in a big dog’s education, as it is difficult for them to preserve their balance. Training your dog to sit is one of the first tricks to teach and forms the groundwork for many other dog tricks. To Read More

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